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My Birth Story

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It's been almost 4 weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Miss Sunday Fry, and its been hard to find any spare moments to write out my birth story, but both my kids are sleeping so now is my chance. 
So it all began on Thursday July 19th at my 38 week prenatal appointment with my midwives. At 11:45 I saw one of the midwives at Sage Midwifery, and after doing a check she offered to sweep my membranes, excited and anxious to meet my babe, I said YES! So off I went going about my day and around 3:30pm, my girlfriend Emily and I were getting blueberries from our friend's blueberry farm when I noticed I was feeling some light cramping. This light cramping continued but I was not convinced they were contractions because they were hardly considered painful, more uncomfortable you could say. But they continued, and seemed to be happening regularly, so I thought I better time them just in case. Now Jonathan desperately wanted to see the last Harry Potter movie, and knowing that this could potentially be early labor, I told him he should go, and if things got crazy I would call him to come home. So I baked some delicious cookies and timed my contractions. Well they were happening every 3 1/2 minutes and lasting 30-45 seconds, so I called the midwife to see what she thought. She told me to hop in the bath and monitor the baby's movements, and see if the contractions levelled off or intensified, and to call her after. Well I did just that and I didn't notice any change really, so I called her and told her that. She wanted to come over and check me out just to be safe. So she arrived about 11:30, and checked me, I was 3-4 cm's and cervix was looking good. So we ate cookies and blueberries and drank tea and chatted. 
We decided to go upstairs and get my room ready. I got down on all fours to rock my hips back and forth to get the baby in a good position. And at this point contractions are still barely painful, as you can see I am a happy camper.

Jonathan came home and the midwife suggested he get some sleep cuz we were gonna be having a baby tonight, so he went to bed. At 1am she checked me again, and I was still only 3-4 cms, cervix still perfect, so she swept my membranes again, and then I hopped in my big jacuzzi tub for the most relaxing part of the evening. I had candles lit, and spa music playing from my iphone, and I was in heaven. This is where I put my "Hypnobirthing" classes to use. I put myself into the deepest state of relaxation that I didn't even notice the midwife coming in to check the baby's heartbeat every 15 minutes. I didn't notice any contractions while I was in the tub,  I also didn't notice that a whole hour had gone by. It was lovely.
After the hour had gone by, the midwife wanted to check me again, and I was 4-5 cm and cervix fully ready, so she broke my water. I instantly went into hard labor (which is exactly what happened with Vienna).
Each contraction got way more intense and painful than the previous, but I was able to use my hypnobirthing breathing techniques to get me through it. I did it all once before, and knew my body was made to do it, so I knew I could do it now. I was so focused on what was going on in my body, that I didn't focus on the pain. With each contraction I pictured the baby coming closer and closer to this world. 
One hour, and 3 contractions of pushing later, Little Miss Sunday was born at 3:10am! 

People who attended: Jonathan's mom was on camera duty all night. Jonathan (my emotional support and masseuse), Midwives: Rosemary (delivered) and Jillian (assistant), Corine (took all these photo's), my mom and Ellie showed up right as Sunday's head came out, and my cousin Jennifer.

After all the weighing, measurements, and clean up, everyone was gone by 5am.

Sunday was perfect, and so was the whole birthing experience!

There is nothing like giving birth to the most precious things on this planet. And there is nothing quite like having a home birth too. It was the most calm, pleasant, peaceful, and relaxing environment. Giving birth does not need to be a huge medical intervention. It was so incredible going to sleep and waking up in your own bed. I'm so thankful for the whole experience, and can't wait to do it all again! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, wow!!! Thanks for sharing Garcy! You look beautiful .. congrats on your family!

  2. Thats a wonderful birth story Garcy! So much better then mine, you made it look so simple :) Congrats on your beautiful growing family. Having two little girls is so much fun!!

  3. and ppl say I'm talented. I bow to you Garcy!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD