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San Diego or Bust!

By 12:42

 My mom, little sister, Vienna and I are spending the next 10 days vacationing in one of america's finest cities. We arrived late last night in the beautiful city of San Diego. It was a long day of flights and driving, but I can't complain since my mom treated us to 1st class! 
We are staying at the gorgeous La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA.

Woke up to comfortable 21 degrees, and this is the view from our patio, so peaceful. 


What shall we do today....

Yep, we are gonna relax poolside. Vienna is going to love the water park they have thats just for kids!

More pics to follow!

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  1. LOVE it!! Elle probably is a great lil babysitter now too!
    Enjoy your vacation!