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San Diego-Last Day in Paradise

By 22:58

Today being the last day of our girly vacation, we squeezed in the last bit of sun and fun by the pool. Between reading our books, talking about boys, underwater hand stand competitions, and wandering around the pool (not in the pool, Vienna isn't totally sold on the pool fun yet), we couldn't have asked for a better last day.

 I think the straw in my antioxidant mojito (virgin) needs a strainer. 

 33 weeks preggo perks!
 She is obsessed with her soother, I was too until I was 3 when my aunty Lee threw them all out. I def try to limit it to bed time only, but if she's cranky, and I'm lazy, there ya go.

Twas a lovely time, in a lovely place, with lovely people, I love love. 

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  1. HAHAHA I laughed so hard about the soother thing! Because mine has a major addiction as well and it's sooo true!
    Glad you had a good trip!