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San Diego Day 9-Giraffe's, Zebra's & Rhino's OH MY!

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Today was just as fabulous as can be. Not only did we feel like we walked right into Africa when we arrived at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, we also felt like we were in the middle of the Sahara. Not complaining though, just saying, IT.WAS.HOT.

 Is the park just gorgeous?
 There's nothing more cuddly than an antler from some wild african beast. 

 Vienna's 1st merry-go-round ride!

Then we got to finish of our day by dining out at "San Diego's Best Restaurant" called Truluck's

It was fun spending most of our day conserving endangered species, but when it comes to dinner, its time to consume. So Elle and I ordered Alaskan King Crab Legs, and my mom ordered South African Lobster tails. CRAZY DELICIOUS.

We finished off our evening with a snuggling up in bed and watching "Country Strong" together. 
Country Wrong. But it was just nice relaxing with the girls. 
One more day in southern California's paradise, then its back to my pacific northwestern paradise, mi casa con mi amor.

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