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San Diego Day 7&8-Water Babies

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God has answered our sun prayers and the past two days have been gorgeous in the afternoon. So we spend our afternoons at the pool. Pool pics might get boring for some of you, but you baby lovers will eat these up!

 Not a huge fan of sand. 
 or the slide...
 But happy with aunty in the pool!

 This girl knows how to stop and smell the roses

Some of you requested some video, so here is Vienna babbling away

Its official, we have booked an African safari tour at San Diego's Safari park tomorrow. So rain or shine, giraffe's and rhino's here we come!

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  1. is she talking about what she is going to buy at the store using those credit cards?

  2. omgoodness garc! that video is too cute!! love it! she is def talking about shopping!