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San Diego Day 6-Glass Half Full

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So we woke up AGAIN to another ugly day outside, but we were fine with just having a lazy day around the resort. But the sun decided to come out and play so we spent the afternoon at the pool!

Poolside PB & J!

 My girl LOVES to be in the driver seat, metaphorical? Yes. 

 BJ's Brewhouse has a famous dessert called a Pizookie. A freshly baked, hot out of the oven cookie, topped with 2 scoops of ice cream! Unfortunately the state of California has a law stating restaurant chains are required to put the calories for each dish on the menu, this one rang in at 1187 Calories. Good thing we were sharing! 
 Looks like there were only two of us sharing, thats mostly true, but the baby in my belly counts for something right??

I was born an raised playing spite and malice, so it is only natural we would be playing it here in our hotel room! Ellie won, mom won, and I lost :(

I heart vacation. I heart family. I heart card games. 
Happy weekend!

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