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San Diego Day 2

By 21:46

 So we took yesterday to get settled and adjust to our new setting. I was happy Vienna got to skype with her daddy last night, although it was a bit confusing for her. She woke up well rested after a 13 hour sleep. 
Good Morning Sunshine!!

At La Costa Resort and Spa, there is a Deepak Chopra (spiritual guru, doctor, author) Center for Well-Being. This is actually the reason we are at this particular resort. My mom has attended the Center for schooling and workshops 4 different times. So because she has come to love this peaceful place, she wanted to share that with her girls. 
Now I am no stranger to massages, they are my favourite indulgence. I almost always leave a massage a little unsatisfied though, either it was too soft, or too hard etc. That was until today...
Today I got the BEST MASSAGE I'VE EVER HAD. It was an Ayurvedic massage, which I've never had before. I was so thrilled with how it was going I had to tell the therapist half way through. I couldn't believe what I feeling. I didn't want it to end, but I left feeling completely energized and rejuvenated. Thanks Mom!!
After my massage we shared a nice lunch on a lovely patio

I just love walking around the resort, the grounds are covered in the most beautiful flowers. You smell them every where you go!

Then we hung out at the pool

 And dried off on our patio drinking smoothies!

 Thats one smooth tooshie!

Dinner time fun!

Creme Brule, my FAVE!

Who's eating chocolate cake?

Our favourite walk to end the evening. 

Well I must get some rest, tomorrow we will be getting lost in Elephant Odyssey, Panda Canyon, and Polar rim at the San Diego Zoo! 

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  1. aw looks like you guys are having so much fun!!!