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What my momma taught me

By 09:38

To all you Rockin Momma's, Grandmomma's, Great Grandmomma's, and Momma's to be, YOU ARE AWESOME! In light of the Mothers Day weekend ahead, I am excited to share with you about what one of the greatest women in my life, my momma taught me.

To Dream Big
Having grown up in a small town in northern B.C, with not a lot of opportunity (other than working at the mill), my momma from a young age new she didn't want to settle for the circumstances laid in front of her. She dreamt of more, and new she would have to create it for herself. She found a way out of that small town, and built a life and career for herself in Vancouver.

Not To Listen To The World
Anything a woman can do, a man can do better right? Wrong. We know that isn't true, but most of the world still lives like it is. Not my momma though! Having grown up in a logging town, most of the jobs were at the mill. While my mom worked there she was told she couldn't do the job the men were doing. Knowing she was fully capable, she secretly did it anyways. This behavior continued and still continues today. She is one of the very few women in her line of work, and not only is she one of the very few, but she is one of the very best. She is the owner of the very successful Crawford Creek Lumber Co. Ltd. She and that business have made a name for themselves in a "man's world". With more women like this, it won't be a mans world forever.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
My momma has been to hell and back, a few times. She is not perfect, and she will be the first one to admit it. She has always had the best sense of humor, and most because she has found a way to laugh at herself more than anybody else. I think there is incredible power that comes from this, or healing you could say.

My momma has been one of the most influential women on my life, and is an inspiration to many. For this I am thankful. I love you mom!

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  1. i love this post garc! Yay for moms! :)

  2. Aww...Your Momma is truely amazing! I love her and over the years seen what she goes through! She is a beautiful woman who definelty knows what she wants and how she gonna get it! I have become a friend to you and to your mom and love you ladies like family, xoxo
    Happy Mother's Day to BOTH of you!!!