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Things that make my skin crawl

By 22:24

After hanging out with friends watching the Vancouver Canucks beat Nashville in overtime, we stubbled upon the topic of wind turbines. I won't get into why, but we got to talking about the things that totally freak us out and makes our skin crawl. Here are some of the things discussed:

What is not creepy about these?

Ever chewed on a popsicle stick? Ew.

Eeek, the sound of writing with a broken pencil!

 The combination of container ships and container cranes is enough to kill me.


Its not what you see, its what you DON'T see! Ahhhh!

Ever been in a small boat as a ferry passes you by very closely? Or been dangled over the railing on the top deck of a ferry? Traumatizing? maybe.

Enough said.

What makes your skin crawl??

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  1. driving through the mountains in the dark! I just can't handle that...too creepy.