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Adventures Across The Line

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Yesterday was the perfect day for a drive down to Seattle with good friends, and good tunes. We headed out quite early and managed to arrive on Broadway at the wee hour of

With a little bit of time to kill before the shops opened, we fueled up on some trendy Organic Raw Kombucha Synergy drinks that were highly recommended by my very healthy girlfriend Corine. 
It claims on the bottle to support digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity, and healthy skin and hair. Sounds and looks tasty right?! WRONG. It tastes like bad homemade wine. It literally tastes like fruit juice gone funky. But I guess the health benefits are worth it because these drinks are really popular. I would be willing to give another flavor a try. You should try one too!
Let the shopping begin!
 Fun in Urban Outfitters!

 We found this hilarious book called "Whoogles". The stuff people have searched on Google had us laughing ridiculously out loud. Like this one below if you type: "Sometimes I wonder", the second thing down the list is "Sometimes I wonder why is that frisbee getting bigger then it hit me. 
Are these for real?!

After 9 Hours of laughing and fun in America we finally made it home!

Loved our day, I hope you loved yours.

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  1. What super day with friends!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog...can't wait to read more. :)