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Tired But Grateful

By 07:04

Rise and Shine!
Happy Fryday! One of the lovely ways my body reacts to pregnancy is waking me up really early regardless of the time my head hits the pillow. I love how people say the bad sleeps during pregnancy are to prepare you for new life of sleepless nights once your baby arrives. I cannot disagree more, but oh well, what am I going to do about it?
I have found my early mornings to be surprisingly enjoyable. Its hard to be mad waking up to the beautiful carol of a song bird singing as most of the city still sleeps. I love being awake amidst the stillness of the morning. I also have taken delight in drinking my morning coffee (yes its caffeinated!) in peace. I read, I write, and simply enjoy my time alone before Vienna or Jonathan wake up.
I hope this morning is a lovely start to your weekend!

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  1. Aww I Love your blogging! Keep em comin!
    BTW cute lamp!