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Things Not To Do While Your Pregnant

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So as I mentioned before I wasn't sure if I liked band wagons. Well its pretty hard not to jump on a bandwagon thats got your neighbours, the check out lady at the supermarket, and the mailman on it. The entire province of B.C is on the Canucks band wagon (except for my father who hopped off in 94 and has saved himself much disappointment ever since). So I decided to hop on at game 7, when it really counts. Well this wasn't the smartest thing someone who is 6 month's preggo could do. Last night's game was the most stress I've been in since I gave birth a year and 3 months ago. It was enough stress to give me some Braxton hicks contractions. Maybe I shouldn't watch the Canucks anymore, unless I want to induce a much too early labour, at least not when they are playing GAME 7!! I tried to capture some of the emotional roller coaster below.

Canucks up 1-0, everyones happy.

Chicago ties it up with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Emotions change a little. 

Monika from The Doctors Closet as she grips onto "hope" in overtime. 

Jana, a closet hockey fanatic cannot handle this stress.

And then we did it!

 Ahhh thats better!

Amanda so happy she is crying!

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  1. hahaha this is awesome. that was so fun!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!

  2. I love Anthonys Emotions when they tied ..haha funny kid
    Leah..his sister :)