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Shower With a Twist

By 00:01

Today was the perfect day for a backyard BBQ/Kegger. The sun was shining, but the air was brisk! There was great food, great music, but most of all, great people. Luke and Danielle were showered with LOVE. We are all so excited to meet their little bundle of joy. Here are few highlights of our good times. 

 We drew and painted on onsies for the babe!

 Emily, Danielle, and my preggo belly's!

 Who can drink a baby bottle full of beer the fastest?

My Jonny was the winner!

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  1. You look so beautiful Garcy!! You should be pregnant all the time, cuz you totally glow!
    Ps - is that Hannah and James? Love them!

  2. awe i'm so sad i missed this!! looks like so much fun! :)

    love your blog garc!! it's so cute! xo