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My Newest Eyeshadow

By 11:12

This is my newest eyeshadow, is called "Wood Banister Meets Brow Bone" by Garcy's Clumsiness Inc. No my husband doesn't beat me, this is the aftermath of my run in with the banister at the top of our stairs on Saturday night. I bent over far to quickly to undo the baby gate when WHAM, I smacked my eye on the pointy wood banister. After a sob sesh with my head in my hands I pulled them away only to see my hands filled with blood. My sweet hubby came to my rescue and laid me down on the couch with frozen pea's and "The Office" to make me feel better. I wish would have taken a picture right away, because my eye was swollen shut! Ah well, my newest eyeshadow is a lovely spring purple with hints of blue and yellow. Ya like?

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  1. yay! I am glad you decided to join the band wagon. I love having new things to read. Sorry to hear about your eye though. Good thing hubby was there to make it all better :)

  2. yay! Welcome!
    I told myself I was never gonna become a blogger, but now I LOVE it!
    Aww you poor thing! Although it seriously looks like nice eyeshadow!

  3. I actually think the color looks quite nice. Come to think of it I may have some eyeshadow just that shade - you can make the other eye match! Hope it gets better quickly, beautiful girl.