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Good Friday

By 07:49

Today you might just be excited for the start to a long weekend ahead. For others today marks the day in history when Jesus died on the cross. Why is it called "Good Friday" then? Shouldn't that make us sad? An innocent man's body broken, dying a gruesome criminal's death? No. 
We can’t fix the brokenness in the world, and we can’t fix the brokenness in our lives. We all have death in our stories. In our lives death is all around us, wether it be lives actually ending, or lives just not really being lived how they were made to be lived. And thats where "Good Friday" comes in. See Jesus didn’t just come to show us how to live a good and moral life; he came to become the brokenness and death of our stories, so that our stories don’t have to end that way. It’s like we are all on a highway, a road we paved by doing things our own way, going wherever we want to go, but there is a toll booth on that road, and the price of driving on that road is death, the road stops there. But instead of our road ending, Jesus came and died, he payed that toll booth price, and now our road can continue forever, to amazing places we can’t even imagine. So our stories don’t have to end, there not hopeless, there is hope now. And that is good.

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."
-John 15:13

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