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I can't believe that Vienna is 2. Do I really have a two year old at 27? Has it really been two years since I gave birth to my first born? If I could sum up Vienna's past two years of existence, I would say I've won the lottery with her. She has been such a dream since about 6 weeks old. Joyous "almost" everyday. Such an incredible sleeper (still sleeping 13-14hrs), and has the softest, sweetest temperament. Her 2 year old achievements include: Talking up a storm, saying full sentences, and whips out words I haven't even  consciously tried teaching her. She knows her colours. She is counting to 5. Likes to sing twinkle twinkle, and still likes to strategically place deli meat on her legs. She has realized she has a sense of humour and is trying to use it to make me laugh. Bless her soul.
Regardless of what her achievements are, I am the one who has done the most learning in the past 2 years. Becoming a mother is a HUGE learning curve. I wanted to be mother and welcomed the role with open arms, but OMG, was it ever steep. Going from all me...to all you overnight is Crazy. But Sooo good.

And then there's Sunday.

How could I love another baby as much as Vienna? That, my friend would be impossible. Unless her name is Sunday. Then I can't help but love you just as much..if not more! 
I feel like if she gets any cuter or any sweeter I will burst at my seams. 
She is way too friggin cute for words. And way too friggin SWEET for words.
So freakin happy. C'mon Sunday, why you gotta be so happy all the time? 
Rolling over like crazy, turns around on a dime to play with toys. Sits up, and is grabbing things like a MOFO.
I absolutely LOVE these girls. And watching them grow is tastier than the finest wine, and sweeter than sugar. 
Thank you God for how you've blessed me.

Over the holidays we took our family to the Stanley Park Bright Nights for the train ride. While we were there we encountered a real live gingerbread man(actually an asian woman dressed in a skin tight brown suit). This may have been fun for some kids to see, mine however have been eternally scarred. Vienna talks about her train ride and when she saw the "gingerman" with fear everyday. And lets just say I have't exactly help the healing process. 

Scaring your children on purpose is wrong. I know.
And I paid for it with guilt after that last video. 
But it's just too tempting sometimes. 
Sorry Vienna. I hope you can forgive me.

I've decided to start a post on the first things that come out of Vienna's mouth (Viennamese) when she wakes up, because they are just too funny. 

Yesterdays first words were "Mommy! Pokey Farted!" and then she laughed really hard to herself. 

This is "Pokey". She got the name from the show Gumby which we let her watch before bed. Pokey is Gumby's sidekick. See the resemblance?

Then this morning the first words that came out of her mouth were:
"Bouncy Castle. Bye Bye Bouncy Castle!"
She must be having sweet dreams.